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Julie Slavet
Mar 1, 2018

By Joseph Donnelly, Arcadia University, Psychology major

Hi, I’m Joseph Donnelly, a Psychology major, Communications minor and senior at Arcadia University in Glenside. Arcadia encourages students to broaden their horizons and experience the world through a number of ways. One of these ways in particular is an internship experience. Traditionally, psychology is thought of as a field of medicine, pertaining to therapy or counseling, and although it is concentrated in those professions it’s not limited to those fields. I am interested in Consumer Psychology and its real world application in the modern digital era.

I learned about the internship at TTF through a recommendation from a friend, fellow Arcadia student and past intern, Morgan Miller. Morgan spoke volumes to me about her experiences at TTF and it is exactly what I was hoping to find in an internship: an environmental advocacy based non-profit that is active in the city of Philadelphia and its watershed community.  

I am an environmental advocate, and in all honesty have become one recently during my time at Arcadia University. I see many issues in this world that are manageable and yet still neglected, finding the environment to be my current focus. Before college, I have had some volunteer experience that helped me place a greater degree of importance on TTF’s mission and work.

I have had the opportunity to volunteer in multiple environments, some locally some not. One of these such experiences was through my high school Don Bosco Prep. Four years ago, I was on a plane traveling out of the country for the first time going to Nicaragua. There I saw living conditions that were inhumane and intolerable; after a week of hard work, we had accomplished much for a group of 17-18 year old boys but not enough for the people we left behind there. The conditions I saw relate to TTF’s mission and work because it all starts with helping and volunteering. It takes the example of one to motivate many and through time and the efforts of the community, the environment can become a better one to live in.         

During my time with TTF I hope to grow in multiple aspects. I aim to increase my knowledge and make a difference. I like the environment of TTF, the vibe of the office can be considered the same as the mantra of Philadelphia, a city of brotherly love! I like that the work and my efforts here are for my neighbors, brothers, and the city that is my home.  

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