Meet Our Tacony Creek Park Trail Ambassadors

Emilie Wetzel
Apr 4, 2018

We’re so excited to introduce you to our newest Trail Ambassadors through our partnership with PowerCorps PHL. Be sure to meet them when you’re on the trail or at an event.

Hi, I’m Alexis Rosario, and I am one of TTF’s new Trail Ambassadors! I have always enjoyed being outside with nature and the green environment. Before I joined TTF, I was working with RiverFront North doing trail maintenance and helped them during their events to help build awareness of RiverFront’s goals, which is similar to what I do for TTF now.  My favorite part about working on the Tacony Creek Park trail is that it gives me new experiences within our community and a new perspective on how the trash, oils, and other chemicals are affecting our natural lands. My goal for this fellowship is simple: just be positive and learn what I can to be the best TTF’s Alex and Markis

Here’s a little more about me: I finished high school in May 2014 and during that time I developed a passion for music. I did a semester in Community College of Philadelphia last fall in 2017, and I’m going back soon to earn my Associate’s degree in sound engineering.

Alexis and Markis, TTF’s newest Trail Ambassadors

Hi, I’m Markis Philpot, and I got involved with TTF through PowerCorps PHL and my Caseworker with VYRP. From there I had the opportunity of joining TTF.

I have plenty of times where I could relate to events TTF has. When I was in PowerCorps, we picked up a lot of trash, and those are some of the same things we do here in TTF, making sure our parks and our environment are healthy enough for our communities.

What I enjoy doing the most is traveling, going out, and working out. I like going to family events and working towards bettering myself mentally and physically. I am passionate about giving back to my community and people that live in it. Goals that I have for the future would be learning more about the rivers and stormwater infrastructure so that I can educate people in our local neighborhoods, making them more aware of how our green stormwater infrastructure works.

While in TTF, I’d like to learn more about the rivers and water system so I can teach others who are also uneducated about these things. What I like about this organization is that there’s always something to look forward to and learn here while working at TTF.

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