Welcome our new Fellows, Gere and Christina

Emilie Wetzel
Jun 29, 2018

Gere and Christina cleaning up a rain garden

Hi, I’m Geré Johnson, and I’m a new Delaware River Watershed Fellow here at TTF through the Alliance for Watershed Education. Although I’m still new to TTF, there have been so many great things I’ve learned about the Tookany/Tacony Frankford Watershed and the surrounding community.

My interest in nature emerged from an Academy of Natural Sciences program that I was involved with throughout high school called Women in Natural Science (WINS). They taught us how important it is to have more women in the STEM fields and how much fun it is as well! I am proud to be an alumna of that amazing sisterhood and am excited to share everything I’ve learned from the WINS program with my fellow TTF coworkers and our community.

When I’m not enjoying my summer at home in Philadelphia, I’m back to school at the University of Connecticut. My school jobs consist of being an ambassador for our beautiful beach-side campus, and being the secretary for an amazing ecological club called the EcoHuskies. A recent accomplishment that makes me proud to be an EcoHusky was the creation of our first campus rain garden. It has been thriving for a year now and its presence makes our campus community want to do more for the environment.

Hey there! My name is Christina Marie Maldonado and I am also a Delaware River Watershed Fellow at TTF. Having a love for the outdoors is what struck my desire to care for the natural environment. Being apart of the TTF team allows me to combine that desire for the outdoors with environmental advocacy and education for the communities in the surrounding area.

I am a third year student attending the George Washington University in DC, majoring in Environmental Studies and double minoring in Biology and music. I often participate in GW TRAiLS, an outdoor adventure group on my campus who spend weekends together hiking, camping and rock climbing. Along with my passion for the outdoors, I also have a passion for music. Growing up in a family of musicians, I’ve found myself singing at a young age and eventually singing in choirs, a capella groups, and on my church worship team. I’m currently engaged to my best friend who I met on the worship team and to my luck, loves the outdoors equally, if not more than I do!

I am excited to learn and experience all I can from the TTF team while I have the opportunity to be here for the summer, and ultimately look forward to taking and applying all that I gain from the fellowship to future opportunities.

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