Human and fish friends — Welcome to our new office!

Emilie Wetzel
Jan 7, 2019


This past August, TTF staff was on the move!

We re-located our office from the third floor of the Globe Dye Works to a larger space on the second floor. TTF originally moved to Globe Dye Works in the spring of 2013, to be closer to Tacony Creek Park (the focus of our work in Philadelphia).

Over the past five years, as staff and projects have grown, we knew we needed a larger space that offered meeting space and private offices. We are excited by all of the possibilities, and have been working diligently to design our new digs to be welcoming, educational, and efficient (fun, too)!

We have brought our tools and equipment up from our basement storage. We now have enough room to display our Creekmobile in our reception area! We have a conference room with a purple wall and a huge whiteboard, and two spaces for office supplies and outreach materials. We have a kitchen and eating area so we can enjoy lunch away from our desks. Our walls are home to our awards and bird silhouettes, with bulletin boards for water news stories, articles of interest, and thank you notes.

The most exciting feature is our new 75 gallon fish tank (thank you, Fairmount Water Works)! This tank is now home to 24 fish from our creeks: Blacknose Dace, Spotfin, Tessellated Darters, White Suckers, Satinfish Shiners, and Creek Chubs.Come on by sometime to say hello to us and the fish!







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