Meet Malcolm Bundy, TTF intern

Emilie Wetzel
Jul 1, 2019

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Hi! My name is Malcolm Bundy, I’m a recent graduate of Shippensburg University where I majored in Geoenvironmental studies. While there, my favorite classes were easily Water Resource Management, Geology of National Parks, and Urban Geography. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, so I’m excited to do work that benefits my community. I really got interested in learning more about the environment after getting involved in my schools earth science club and taking a trip to the Chincoteague Bay field station in Virginia to do volunteer work.

I got involved with TTF because  I was eager to put my degree to work benefiting my community after graduating. Thankfully my professor recommended a list of organizations that I should look into, after researching through the list, TTF was the one that stood out to me. Since one of my favorite classes was Water Resource Management, I was really drawn to how TTF works to promote education opportunities and sustainable practices in order to benefit the watersheds.

As far as personal interests go, I really just enjoy having fun! I love hanging out with friends, whether we’re goofing around outside, playing video games, or watching intentionally bad movies. I love wearing Hawaiian shirts and I can usually be found wearing them (I’m close to 30 shirts!). A favorite pastime of mine is hiking because there’s no better feeling then when you’re at the top and get to see the amazing scenery. I’m always down for a good laugh and as a result I watch a lot of sitcoms and comedians.

I am excited to be working with TTF! I can’t wait to use the knowledge I’ve learned in school to be a productive member of the team. I’ve taken several courses relating to sustainability and hydrology, I’ve also taken multiple courses relating to Arc Maps and GIS, I feel as if these courses will help me be an effective team player. I love to learn and I’m thrilled at all of the opportunities that TTF offers for me to learn about the watershed I live in and also grow as a person.

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