Our Commitment to Action

Julie Slavet
Jun 8, 2020

Dear Friends of TTF,

TTF recognizes that it is more important than ever for us to not only reflect the diversity of our community, but also to support the protests and other acts of resistance that seek to dismantle institutional racism. These protests are a response to the murder of George Floyd and other Black Americans by police officers.

Our entire society is being traumatized by the systemic, institutional racism that pervades government and systems, as well as impacts citizens’ daily lives. We stand against racism. We pledge to combat racism in our systems and institutions, and throughout our communities. The murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor are the most recent examples of the racial violence that has long terrorized our society.  But there is a distinct feeling of collective unity now across the nation and around the world in response to the racial discrimination and violence.

TTF is committed to continuing and expanding our diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice work.  We have work to do. The members of our Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, and staff are committed to continuing to educate themselves and their communities on these issues and to apply learning to their work at TTF, at their other jobs, and in their personal lives. We are looking ahead to actions we can take and conversations we can have to contribute to peace, justice, and quality of life for people of color, all oppressed people, and the multiple identities of every individual in TTF’s region and beyond. We feel the terror, injustice, and psychological damage of merely existing as Americans and watching fellow Black Americans suffer state-sanctioned murder. This must end.

To all those fighting for a just world:

We hear you.
We see you.
We stand with you.

In solidarity,

Julie Slavet, Executive Director
Rosanne Mistretta, President, Board of Directors
Stefanie Kroll, Chair, Board of Advisors
Luanda Morris and Rosanne Mistretta, Co-Chairs, DEIJ Committee

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