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Emilie Wetzel
Sep 8, 2020

Vary Soth intern tree philly final for website

By Vary Soth, TTF intern

My time with TTF watershed was an interesting and great experience. Because we are in the midst of COVID-19, I was worried I would not be able to work on my internship with the watershed.

However, TTF was able to find me things to do, since I could be outside in the field and in the office with a couple of staff members.

My favorite and most memorable part was learning about the Scattergood Foundation area at Friends Hospital and the invasive species that spread there. I also had to dig a plot with Nathan for a storage container, which was hard but fun. I used this excuse as a workout routine.

Funny thing happened: TTF hired a contractor to dig out the plot with a machine; my 4 hours of digging was in vain.* I also worked with Susan at the free meal site on Whitaker Avenue. I met many people who also helped with the site, as well as the public. I picked up trash with Doryan and learned that our small impact opened the eyes of others who want to do the same. I can see that many people do care about the park and the watershed, and are willing to do something to help.

What I learned during my 3 months with TTF was how we can impact how the watershed thrives. One small move can become disastrous or helpful in the future. The care and the education I learned during my time here helped me understand more why I decided to study environmental science and pursue my career in the watershed. Not only do humans use the watershed in their daily lives, but animals and plants depend on the watershed too.

I want to thank all of the staff members who helped me along the way to understand more about the watershed, and for being kind to me. I hope I am back again next summer when I graduate from my university.

Vary is a student at the University of the Sciences.

*Editor’s Note: Vary’s hard work was not in vain, but was a big help in digging the base for the container!

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