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TTF Watershed
Feb 8, 2021


This past summer, an unexpected opportunity came our way: an offer to refresh our logo and branding from Pixel Parlor, our partner responsible for our recent outstanding Annual Reports. Of course, we said yes!

Pixel Parlor steered us through an in-depth (and really fun) visioning and discovery process.  We thought about what we want to say about who we are and what we do through our logo. We shared what we didn’t like about our existing logo and what we liked about the logos of other groups that we admire. We looked at colors.

We also considered what we need to say about TTF in an elevator speech, when we’d only have 3 minutes. We learned about branding and options for our new look.

In October, the Pixel team presented our new logo and branding to our staff, and Board Directors and Advisors. We revealed the logo to the TTF world at our virtual Milestones Award Ceremony in November, and donned our beautiful new TTF hats.

We hope you’ll agree that Board Advisor Bob Thomas wears his new hat especially well!

We love our new logo, and hope you do, too!

We believe it conveys who we are in a welcoming, creative, and beautiful way. This logo reflects TTF and the positive, clean water work we do in our community and watershed. The color palette is bright and friendly, incorporating imagery of hands-on learning for sustaining our waterways and wildlife.

We’ve received wonderful positive feedback on our new look!

Our friend Trevor Woodward of  Milestones Award Ceremony shared our new logo on Linkedin right after our Milestones Ceremony: “I was fortunate to be able to attend the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership’s annual awards event virtually last night (and to see the unveiling of a great new logo).”

“WOW, Julie! This logo really captures TTF. From the colors to lines and the hand reaching, it unifies your mission graphically.”– Ann Toole, Toole Recreation Planning

“I really like TTF’s new logo. It’s like a pictograph. I think it would be fun to show this to kids and ask them how they “read” it? Then they could make their own pictographs to spread a message they care about.” — Karen Lefkovitz, Educational Consultant

Along with this new logo, we are updating our website with amazing designer, Spacious Philly. Watch for its debut soon!

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