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May 4, 2021

My name is Alex Rosario and I’m excited to be the Philadelphia Stewardship Leader for TTF.
Growing up in North Philadelphia, nature has always been a getaway for me. There were not many trees in my neighborhood. So whenever my dad would take me to the park in Philadelphia, it made me happy. We would also visit the Jersey Zoo to admire the animals and hike in the woods. As a kid, I remember gazing upon the heights of the trees and being amazed at how animals can create such adaptable homes in these environments. My dad and I enjoyed staring at the deer, looking at spider webs and talking about the shapes of fallen branches. The memories grew my appreciation for the outdoors. I’ve enjoyed nature as much as I enjoy coffee.
As I have witnessed so many challenges in my neighborhood throughout the years, I wanted to make a positive impact in the lives of those around me. Nature has helped me grow a passion for helping my community connect with the environment in their own ways. I first started by working with PowerCorps PHL with projects with the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and Philadelphia Water Departments. We would remove invasive plants, work with green stormwater infrastructure and support recreation centers in all the ways needed. This experience changed my life and has enabled me to grow into a steward of the environment. It feels very wholesome when my time is spent making someone’s day better, providing environmental education and creating change through life.
Through PowerCorps, I was a Trail Ambassador with TTF for a year until the middle of 2019. It was a refreshing and amazing experience helping to manage Tacony Creek Park as a team. Most of my time I would be on the park trail, connecting with community members, cleaning up debris, tracking 311 requests, and patrolling the trail to make any reports needed. Along with TTF staff, I would go door-to-door to share flyers for upcoming park programs and our events including nature walks and block parties. I was dedicated to this important work to protect Tacony Creek Park as a valuable resource for the animals and trees who call it home and the people who visit.
I am very thankful to be back working with TTF, connecting with community members and continuing to make a positive impact as a team. When a solid foundation is built together, positive change can continue to grow.
Meet Alex up close and personal in this People of the Park video by GreenTreks Network.

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