Stunning Representations of TTF Watershed for “Eyes on our Landscape” Photo Contest

Jamilee Hoffman
Jun 11, 2021

Aimee Nicole Grobe, “Fall Time Delights” - Adult 1st Place

TTF is so proud to announce the award-winning photos from our second photo contest! This year, we held the Eyes on our Landscape Photo Contest. Participants could photograph any landscape in the entire 30 square mile TTF Watershed, which consists of the Tookany, Tacony, and Frankford creeks as well as a number of tributaries. 

We are proud to have partnered with Olney Culture Lab of Culture Trust Greater Philadelphia again to bring this contest to life. Professional and amateur photographers of all ages participated, and we created a new child category! A total of 2 adult, 5 youth, and 2 child winners were selected from multiple submissions; 58 adults, 12 youth, and 3 children participated! Each contestant was able to submit up to 5 photos. There were a total of 164 qualifying photos from adults, 44 from youth, and 12 photos from the children category. 

There was no limit as to where beauty could be captured, with participants having the ability to photograph our beautiful watershed and its people across any of our 30 square miles. Our watershed includes so many parks and green spaces, from Tacony Creek Park and the Frankford Creek Greenway to Cheltenham’s Tookany Creek Parkway and other parks. Photographers had the opportunity to celebrate the remarkable colors, scenes, and views that our 30 square mile watershed provides in any weather and any season.

The photos submitted were an incredible celebration of the entire TTF watershed, consisting of our creeks, friendly wildlife, and other aspects of nature’s beauty like plants and majestic trees. Our winners have created such diverse and intriguing visuals for the public to get a better understanding of what our watershed looks like. Here are the award-winning photos of TTF’s 2021 Eyes on the Landscape Photo Contest:

Adult Category:

  • Aimee Nicole Grobe, “Fall Time Delights” – Adult 1st Place, $250
  • Aimee Nicole Grobe, “Dream State” – Adult 2nd Place
  • Anett Petrich, “Cedar Waxwing – Migration Respite” – Adult 2nd Place, $125

Youth Category:

  • Gabriella Borges, “Is it Too Much to Dream” – Youth 1st Place, $100
  • Lily Goldstein, “Droplets” – Youth 1st Place, $100
  • Emma Raif, “Paperclip” – Youth 1st Place, $100
  • Emma Raif, “Chocolate Fuzzies” – Youth 1st Place
  • Madelin Singer, “Cooper’s Hawk” – Youth 1st Place, $100
  • Gabriella Borges, “Flower Wheel” – Youth 2nd Place
  • Lori Lei, “Untitled #2” – Youth 2nd Place, $50

Children Category:

  • Ira Ginsburg, “Inside of Fern” – Children 1st Place, $50
  • Samuel Levine, “Bridge of Eternity” – Children 2nd Place, $25
  • Eve Schilawski, “In Snow” – Children

The winners, TTF supporters, and our community members are all invited to attend TTF’s Block Parties, occurring June 15-17 from 4-7 pm each day at Tacony Creek Park! The winning photos will be on display during our Block Parties at our photo gallery. During this annual TTF event, you can connect with community members, learn about our creeks, and enjoy other family-friendly activities. 

This project was made possible by the Joseph Robert Foundation.

Don’t let the conversation about TTF’s watershed stop here, share your pictures using #TTFWatershed, #TaconyCreekPark, and #DiscoverTCP on social media!

Care about TTF’s 30 square mile watershed? Contact or 215-744-1853 to get involved.


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