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Jun 15, 2021

Kamille Sharma intern June 2021 better quality

Hi, my name is Kamille and I will be an intern at TTF this summer! I studied Environmental Studies in college. I have really enjoyed my coursework that has focused on conservation and the environment. 

Throughout my studies, I have gotten to work with water quality in labs and research the rising sea-level issue. I find it really compelling how the water and human interface is changing with urbanization and the introduction of global climate change problems. I have learned about the benefits of native plants and the dangers of plastic pollution. I hope to increase my stewardship through my time at TTF. This summer, I was perusing possibilities of things to do and I came across TTF. I saw what a cool opportunity this would be, and thought I could learn a lot about the environment and the watershed.

My hobbies include hiking and taking walks with my dog. There are a few creeks I enjoy going to that are great spots to cool down in the summer months or have nice trees that change their leaf colors in the fall. I like looking for local, in-season, and organic foods and making artwork out of dried plants and flowers. I have always liked working around animals and have a deep respect for them and their role in our environment. Those activities have fostered my appreciation for the environment. I would like to combine working partially outdoors while using scientific methods to foster a dialogue of environmental conservation in my future.

I hope to learn why people are interested in the watershed and what aspects of the watershed are most important. I also hope to learn how an organization functions and how outreach works.

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