TTF’s 2020 Annual Report: Take a Closer Look.

Jamilee Hoffman
Aug 11, 2021

Square 2020 AR

1,170 Program Attendees. 933 Native Plants Planted. 863 Volunteer Hours. 172 Free Programs Hosted. 168 Annual Donors. 28 Stream Keepers. 26 Partner Alliance Members. 

We all know that 2020 was an unprecedented year for the whole world. Despite that, TTF still took action to work with our community to improve our waterways.

One of our proudest moments was our delivery of nature-enhancements to community members:

“Proactive neighbors who started cleaning up on their walks—a practice that many adopted during the pandemic—reached out to us for clean-up kits, so we responded by delivering 75 free kits with garbage grabbers, bags, maps, and gloves to folks who wanted to pitch in and keep our trails and waterways clean.”

In partnership with TreePhilly, we were able to deliver 25 free yard trees to residents, to combat “urban heat island effect, which makes cities, and historically disinvested communities of color in particular, hotter than surrounding areas (sometimes as much as 22 degrees).”

TTF also took on an innovative  restoration project at Cheltenham Township’s Charles D. Conklin Jr. Pool and Recreation Center. The project beautified the stream on the property by breaking up the concrete to allow the creek to flow through a reconstructed native wetland. This project will successfully manage polluted runoff and make our creeks healthier. 

Learn more about how TTF connects people to practical solutions for real problems that threaten the health of our shared waterways by reading our 2020 annual report. Would you like a hard copy…or a few hard copies to share with your colleagues or constituents? We’d be happy to deliver some to your door. Call 215-744-1853 or email

Special thanks to Pixel Parlor for working with us every year to ensure that each Annual Report is beautiful and accessible!

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