Become Immersed in Fall nature at Abington Friends School

Jamilee Hoffman
Aug 31, 2021


Can you believe summer 2021 is almost over? 

Head into fall at Abington Friends School for Episode 5 of TTF’s Bring Us Along: Virtual Nature Tours! Just because fall is approaching doesn’t mean that we can’t still find wonderful wildlife in our watershed! 

In this tour, we explore the campus of Abington Friends School and enjoy mushrooms, woodpeckers, and a close up look at magnified macroinvertebrates!

The AFS campus is home to the headwaters of the Jenkintown Creek, a natural setting for creek walks, stream water quality studies, tree and animal track identification, bird adaptations, wildlife habitat gardening and environmental art projects.


The buffer along the creek bed was installed in 2014 by TTF, students, teachers and families. It has become a highly utilized site on campus for outdoor exploration and education. Following the buffer, the rain garden was installed across from the Headwaters Discovery Playground. It improves the health of the creek and watershed, giving students even more opportunities to study birds, insects, and amphibians firsthand.

Created last year in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and our reduced ability to provide in-person educational community programs, this online series brings you face to face with a wide variety of living things you may have never noticed. Just use your computer or smart device to access the tours and enjoy photos, videos, audio recordings, and interactive maps that help you learn when and where different creatures can be found, and how to identify them. You can take these guides along with you on your phone for a walk across our watershed at various sites for a self-guided tour.

These five virtual watershed tours (all available in English and Spanish) take you on a seasonal journey through late spring, summer, and early fall, so that you can see how the plants and animals around us change over time. We hope that this series inspires you to explore these spaces and make your own discoveries!

We hope you are now inspired to take part in our virtual nature tour of Abington Friends School. Please tag us @TTFWatershed on social media during your tour. See you at the headwaters! 

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