Thank you to our intern, Kamille!

Jamilee Hoffman
Sep 1, 2021

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By Intern, Kamille

My experience with TTF Watershed Partnership has been great and eye opening. I learned about the receptions, meetings, cleanups and other events that TTF does to be a leader in clean water. Being able to share the news about these things was rewarding.

I cleaned up trash, helped set up an event, made outreach phone calls and went bike riding through a park during an event. By creating social media posts for #MacroMonday, I saw how exciting a macroinvertebrate could be and the relevance of their presence in the watershed. I was also able to understand the role of other creatures such as ticks and how they impact our environment. 

I enjoyed being able to witness how much people care about their watershed. During an event, people were interested in the Creekmobile, a simulator of rain runoff and sewage overflow in the watershed. Philadelphia residents have a passion for the issues that are being talked about. It was really cool to see how small actions can make a difference, and being a part of that was rewarding. 

It makes me excited to continue my future in environmental science and hopeful that changes are possible. It can get scary looking at the facts that face us as science shows our future paths, but seeing how much people want to help tells a different story. I want to thank all of the staff at TTF Watershed for their help throughout my internship and for this experience!

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