TTF neighbor & partner, Bennett Compost: a leading sustainable business in Philly!

Jamilee Hoffman
Mar 17, 2022

Bennett Compost cleanup 2

Philadelphia residents are frustrated with the large amounts of trash across our city, a critical issue for the health of our air quality, waterways, and more. 

Each year, Philadelphia disposes of nearly 1.4 million tons of residential and commercial waste. 55% of this goes to landfills in the state, and 45% is first burned in trash incinerators. For every 100 tons burned, 30 tons become toxic ash that is dumped in landfills (Energy Justice Network). Bennett Compost works to combat this waste issue by making composting easy and accessible. Their facility is located on Rising Sun Avenue, adjacent to Tacony Creek Park. 

TTF Watershed is grateful and excited to support Bennett Compost’s cleanups in Tacony Creek Park, which they started hosting in June 2021. These cleanups are every Thursday at 10 am, meeting at their headquarters on Rising Sun Avenue. Contact if you’re interested in volunteering!

Bennett Compost is a wonderful neighborhood partner. They lent a big hand at Love Your Park in the Spring of 2021 and joined our Fall Fest last October to introduce themselves to the community.

We look forward to partnering with Bennett Compost more to continue to keep Tacony Creek Park and our environment healthy and sustainable. TTF is proud to be a client to make sure our office compostable products don’t enter the waste stream.

Learn more about Composting with Bennett Compost! A contributing factor in the waste area is that people do not know which items are compostable. Check out Bennett Compost’s eligible composting materials:

Eligible Composting Materials

This is how simple their composting process is:

You can even start a free trial with for their composting services (if you live in Philadelphia). Their compost is made from a blend of food scraps, wood chips, and leaves — all sourced from our residential and commercial clients in Philadelphia. After transforming completely using aerated piles, your kitchen scraps are ready for the garden!  

Purchase Bennett Compost’s Soil & Compost

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