Jenna Song shares her experience as a TTF Yoga Instructor!

Jamilee Hoffman
Sep 28, 2022


This blog is a reflective post by previous TTF staff member, Jenna Song. Jenna provided in-person yoga during the spring and summer of 2021 and spring of 2022. Online sessions were provided in the winter of 2022 until the spring of 2022. From April-May 2022, Jenna included tea time in her outdoor yoga sessions!

Jenna taught a few yoga sessions at Tacony Creek Park Block Parties and last year’s first annual Fall Fest in the park!

We are so grateful to Jenna for sharing her expertise on the art of yoga with the Tacony Creek Park community.

Thank you, Jenna. 

Sharing yoga at Tacony Creek Park since last summer was a very rewarding experience. Interacting with residents through yoga in nature every Sunday morning was inspiring. It felt great to facilitate a unique experience for the community to enjoy.

The sound of birds brought a lot of calmness and joy while we were practicing yoga and sharing a cup of tea together. I truly felt like it was a place where everyone came together as a community to relax and enjoy the nature of their neighborhood. It was a reminder to us all that we don’t have to look far to admire the beauty of nature. 

I’m no longer sharing yoga at the park, but I’ll keep all the lovely memories with me. I will continue to share my service with people in need around Philadelphia. I would like to thank everyone at TTF for taking a chance with me to start a weekly yoga program. It was a delightful experience. I really appreciate Doryán for all the help she provided!

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