The Board Perspective: Highlights from TTF Board Co-Presidents, Susan Myerov & Sara Poindexter

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Dec 27, 2022

Sara Poindexter

Highlights from Board Co-Presidents

Susan staffs the welcome table with Alex at the Fall Fest.

By Susan Myerov, Abington Township Environmental Advisory Council and Senior Program Director, PA Environmental Council

One of the great pleasures I have being a board member of TTF is the opportunity to participate in the various programs and events we host over the year.  2022 was a year that marked a return to more in-person events, and I welcomed the chance to interact with our partners, staff, and community members at lots of different events throughout the watershed from ribbon cuttings to our block parties.  It’s great to attend these events, to see first-hand, the amazing work of our talented and passionate TTF staff and the excitement I see from the community members who interact with them.

Its hard to focus on a favorite as I really love being part of any TTF hosted event, especially those where I get to volunteer and engage directly with parents and kids in the neighborhoods we serve.  One of the highlights for me this past year was participating in the Birds of a Feather program in April that TTF hosted in collaboration with V.U.R.T. Creative, a local mural based non-profit organization and Jay Coreano, artgod333, at Tacony Creek Park.

This event featured and highlighted the talents of many local artists, including the Evan Lovett of V.U.R.T., the muralist who created the beautiful bird portraits along the Tacony Creek Park Trail in Feltonville, along the trail below the Whitaker and Loudon Street park gateway.  Over a dozen artists from the community were on hand to demonstrate their skills and offer their original work for sale.  It was amazing to see the murals being created or restored in real time.

When you see these magnificent works of art, you often don’t get the chance to see them being crafted. It was fun to talk to the artists, watch youngsters participate in hands-on art projects, and witness the energy created during the event. All of this in the context of highlighting the value of the creek’s natural habitat as a community resource and supporting the wonderful arts community of which we are a part.  I was thrilled to be a part of the event and represent the TTF Board, and am excited about our continued collaboration with the local arts community.

By Sara Poindexter, Principal Engineer, Studio Sustena

Sara enjoys Watershed Milestones.

Each year I look forward to attending the Watershed milestones Award Ceremony, which is a super fun celebration of the incredible people that go above and beyond to advance the health, beauty, and education of the TTF watershed. Neighbors and supporters of the watershed, including TTF staff, scientists and researchers, designers and artists, and even political leaders, all come together to hear the stories and applaud the exemplary work of the watershed heroes. The event also includes a silent auction which supports the advocacy efforts of TTF as well as highlights local businesses, artists, and authors. It’s truly invigorating to see and meet such a range of community members all excited by TTF’s mission!

This year’s Legacy Award winner, Mykyah Vessels, is especially inspiring. Mykyah’s passion for nature and curiosity in holistic medicine led to an education in edible wild plants. Along with so many other things, MyKyah offers guided seasonal foraging walks and wrote a TTF Watershed Foraging Guide as a resource for neighbors.

While listening to the experiences and contributions made by all the honorees each year, it is a clear that the encouragement and enthusiasm for knowledge and community connection spurred by organizations like TTF are vital to the health and happiness of our cities.

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