2023 Community Service Get-Together features special guests: Garfield Refining & Temple Society of Environmental Engineers and Scientists

Jamilee Hoffman
Feb 22, 2023

Garfield Refining volunteering

Every year, we host a Community Service Get-Together to share the many ways in which volunteers can get involved with TTF, and to share ideas amongst peers.

On Thursday, February 16, leaders from organizations, schools, and businesses attended the online get-together.                    

If you missed the program, you can learn about all of TTF’s 2023 volunteer opportunities by watching the recording of the online Community Service Get-Together here:

2023 Online Community Service Get-Together

We heard volunteer success stories from Terry Smith, Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel at Garfield Refining, and Olya Zhugayevich, a representative of the Temple Society of Environmental Engineers and Scientists. 

Terry and Olya shared how their experiences helped them develop a deeper connection between their teams and stewarding the environment. They described the rewarding feeling of improving, restoring, and repairing the watershed with TTF.

Attendees learned about community service programs for clients, students, and employees for the coming year across the TTF watershed. This program was scheduled online and during lunch for attendees’ convenience. Some of TTF’s volunteer opportunities include:

  • Storm drain marking
  • Salt watch
  • Pollinator box workshops
  • Creek Care Days at restoration sites on Saturdays and in Tacony Creek Park on Saturdays and Wednesdays
  • Streamkeepers and Tacony Creek Park (TCP) Keepers

You can sign up to volunteer as an individual or for your group here


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