MOM’s Organic Market Partner Alliance Spotlight: Protecting & Restoring the Environment

Jamilee Hoffman
Nov 27, 2023

MOMs Organic Market at Block Parties

We know that collaboration enables us to pursue our mission of a healthy watershed more effectively everyday! Volunteers, Board members, donors, and organizational partners expand our community and strengthen our impact. 

Our Partner Alliance members are vital to our work — their unrestricted support is critical to our operations! These local and regional businesses demonstrate their clean water commitment through year-long sponsorships. In return, they receive marketing and promotional perks, as well as free attendance at our annual networking events and awards ceremony.

We are excited to share this quarterly blog segment highlighting Partner Alliance member: MOM’s Organic Market. See our previous Spotlight of Partner Alliance member, Essential Utilities, here

MOM’s Organic Market has shared their commitment to healthy living while tabling on the trail in Tacony Creek Park at our summer Block Parties, and helping out at cleanups in our watershed. TTF Executive Director, Julie Slavet, has also tabled at MOM’s events a couple of times!

Now, let’s talk to Christine Messier, MOM’s Chief Brand Officer!

What is your organization’s mission and focus? What are you best known for (or is there something your business does that you wish more people knew about)?

MOM’s Organic Market’s Purpose is to protect and restore the environment. MOM’s offers recycling for customers and employees including shoes, batteries, denim, corks, and cell phones. We also have provided free car charging since 2011. MOM’s also works to mitigate our energy usage, using both solar and wind power to offset our store’s energy usage.

Our purpose is deeply ingrained in our culture, as we encourage team members to contribute to their community through paid volunteering for local environmental non-profits. 

Why is TTF’s clean water work important to your organization? Is there a particular focus of ours that resonates with your organization? 

At MOM’s, we prioritize clean water work by controlling plastic waste in our stores and communities. In 2010, MOM’s launched a storewide effort to eliminate unnecessary plastic. The first (and most important) step was to ban bottled still water, replacing it with water machines and reusable water containers. We do as much as we can to reduce our plastic waste and provide customers with the resources to reduce their plastic waste. We partner with like-minded groups such as TTF to amplify our positive environmental impact through clean-ups, plantings, and watershed restoration.

What’s new with your organization? Is there any news or opportunities you’d like to share with TTF’s community?

MOM’s recently launched our Climate Friendly Foods Campaign. This campaign aims to promote foods that have a minimal carbon emission footprint, during their growth cycle. 

By focusing on foods that have lower greenhouse gas emissions, conserve water, and preserve land, MOM’s is taking proactive steps to combat climate change and foster biodiversity through awareness. Through this campaign, MOM’s is encouraging customers to embrace organic options and explore alternative food choices, thereby minimizing their carbon footprint and making a positive impact on our planet. 

For more information, please visit here. Our website offers comprehensive resources that explain the selection process, specific highlighted food categories, and additional information to support customers in making climate-conscious choices.

We are grateful to businesses like MOM’s Organic Market, which which sponsor the work of TTF as Partner Alliance members! 

Interested in advancing TTF’s clean water work like this amazing environmental company? View our Partner Alliance members here, and learn about membership levels and benefits here. 

If you have any questions, contact Emilie Wetzel at

Join our family of Partner Alliance members today! 

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