New Year, New Intern: Welcome Carol to the TTF Team

Jamilee Hoffman
Jan 4, 2024

Intern Carol

Written by Carol Nie, TTF intern

Hi, this is Carol! I am excited to join TTF this winter as an intern! I just graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a dual Master’s degree in Environmental Studies and Public Health, with a focus on environmental policy and environmental health. Before that, I completed my B.S. in Ecology at UCLA and pursued minors in Conservation Biology and Environmental Engineering. 

As you can see from my academic journey, I have a great passion for nature. When I was a kid, I traveled around the world with my parents and was so captivated by the grand beauty of nature, which made me want to use my career to help the environment and the people in it. I am excited to share TTF’s passion for connecting people back to their watershed and raising awareness about our water issues.

I am interested in gaining all knowledge and skills in the environmental field. In college, I took a class on ecological restoration in which we learned the steps of restoring a creek ecosystem, from environmental assessment and sampling to removing invasive species. I got into the world of GIS (Geographic Information System Mapping) and improved my GIS skills through different projects like environmental justice and petrochemical facilities discharge into the Ohio River, fracking, and air quality in rural Pennsylvania. I did policy research on renewable energy development and conflicts between biodiversity and land conservation. 

During my time here at TTF, I am looking forward to gaining more hands-on experience in the field related to GSI (Green Stormwater Infrastructure), and watershed restoration. I’m excited to see how this amazing organization is run and all the work that’s behind the scenes!

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