Clean Philadelphia NOW: No more dumping in Tacony Creek Park!

Jamilee Hoffman
Jan 29, 2024

MLK Day 2023 Tire Cleanup

Are you tired of walking through Tacony Creek Park and seeing illegal dumping along the trail?

Trash Academy is a collaboratory of artists, engaged citizens, and representatives of non-profits (and others) who are interested in becoming experts in trash. TA is made up of grassroots organizers who investigate trash to expose its drivers and true nature.  Then they collaboratively research and develop solutions together.  TA recently launched the Clean Philadelphia NOW Campaign a campaign to do something about illegal dumping in Philadelphia. The campaign calls on Mayor Cherelle Parker and city council members to allow commercial haulers to dump their waste at convenience centers at a reduced cost. This campaign aims to end litter and dumping in Philadelphia by 2028. 

We’re proud to be a supporter of this campaign. You can see the letter we sent to Mayor Parker (and City Councilmembers Quetzy Lozada, Anthony Phillips, and Isaiah Thomas) below.

Visit the Trash Academy website for more information about the Clean Philadelphia NOW campaign or to sign the petition for a cleaner Philadelphia.

The above image is from the Trash Academy Website

We are calling on you to do something about the repeated dumping in Tacony Creek Park.

As the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership (TTF), we are committed to connecting our watershed community to their creeks. We have a special commitment to Tacony Creek Park, focusing on engagement and stewardship, programs and partnerships, and improvements and restoration. We work hand-in-hand with the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and Water departments to keep the park as clean and green as possible. This watershed park is critical to the health of its neighbors.

Because litter and dumping are such a deterrent to park use and a healthy environment, we host cleanups every week and at least one Saturday a month. While we work with volunteers and partners to tackle these issues, sometimes it’s too big a job for volunteers.

We removed almost 30 tons of tires from Tacony Creek Park through a combined effort with Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, United By Blue, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, Philadelphia Water Department, and volunteers that were dumped below the Whitaker Avenue bridge in the park in Feltonville. This area, along with the field at East Olney Avenue & East Clarkson Street and an area at East Ruscomb & Bingham Streets, have been the sites of repeated dumping. Even now, three large piles of tires at East Olney Avenue & East Clarkson Street have been there for weeks.

We so appreciated your support of Tacony Creek Park during your time in City Council. We are thrilled that you have linked safety to clean and green neighborhoods. We need your help! To prevent illegal dumping in Tacony Creek Park, we need to allow small haulers to dump at convenience centers to capture residential clean-out dumping, construction & demolition waste, and tires. It is not cost-effective for small haulers to dump legally. They are charged the same minimum tipping fee as the big compactors, even though their loads are much smaller. Charging small haulers a smaller fee at convenience centers may encourage them to do the right thing.

Opening the convenience centers to small haulers (like other cities do) will make legal management of their loads accessible. Tacony Creek Park deserves to be cleaner, greener, and safer for the community who use the park as a safe public space, and one answer lies in preventing haulers from dumping in our parks.


Julie Slavet, Executive Director
Pete Carter, TCP Keepers

To help keep Tacony Creek Park clean, volunteer at a cleanup or join the TCPKeepers! 

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