Carol, TTF Intern, looks back on her internship (Lots of GIS and GSI!)

Jamilee Hoffman
Mar 11, 2024

TTF Intern Carol Certificate

Written by Carol Nie, TTF Intern

Time flies; my internship with TTF has quickly come to an end. It has been a great experience over the past 3 months as I learned about the various watershed protection efforts at TTF and participated in a variety of organizational tasks. Not only was I able to apply my skills, such as Geographic Information System Mapping (GIS), but I also gained valuable insights into the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed, an underserved watershed, and its surrounding community.

I cherished the moments when I went with Ryan to observe green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) projects in the field and learned about the impact of stormwater runoff, impervious surfaces, and the various solutions available, such as rain barrels, rain gardens, and engineering projects that transform creek banks to mimic natural meandering patterns, thereby reducing the impact of fast-flowing water. I also learned about native plants used to stabilize the banks and participated in site cleanup efforts, including picking up trash and cutting down overgrown plants to maintain the functionality of the GSI projects.

Additionally, I conducted research on native animals in the creek for Creekmobile cards, which serve as educational tools, and researched invasive species in the watershed, contributing to social media posts for National Invasive Species Awareness Week. Using my skills in Canva, I designed information sheets for native seeds in preparation for seed workshops in February, expanding my understanding of the local area. This experience has equipped me for future work related to local watersheds.

Beyond the new learnings, I appreciated the opportunity to apply my GIS skills to assist with various mapping tasks, such as mapping donors and City Council districts within the watershed, which I hope will aid the staff in future planning and outreach efforts.

I truly relished my time at TTF, where I had the chance to engage in a variety of tasks rather than being confined to one. It provided me with a glimpse into the complexities of running an organization for the benefit of many. Despite challenges and occasional discouragement, I learned to appreciate the joy derived from each small accomplishment, such as placing trash cans and signs in the park. I am grateful to all the TTF staff who warmly welcomed me and guided me throughout this journey. I am eagerly anticipating my next steps as I prepare for a career in the environmental field.

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