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TTF lends our voice and brings attention to regulatory and legislative efforts to protect water and our environment, and expand resources at the local, state, and federal level.

In our communities, we work with citizens to improve stormwater regulations and implement projects, protect parks and open space, limit plastic use, and build trails. We convene a Municipal and Stakeholder Task Force, and support the work of Environmental Advisory Councils and City Council Committees. At the state and federal level, we collaborate with partner organizations to inform legislators about our priorities through one-on-one meetings, tours, events, and legislative visits.

TTF is a proud member of the Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed, Circuit Trails Coalition, Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia.

TTF watershed staff

Urge Philadelphia City Council to strengthen the city's law banning single-use plastic bags

We worked along with partners for many years to pass this law, and its passage in 2019 was an achievement for all of us working to reduce waste in our neighborhoods and protect our waterways.

But the ban needs to be improved by ensuring that businesses do their part, eliminating loopholes by clearly defining banned and reusable bags, and allowing the city to impose a $0.15 fee on single-use bags.

A bag fee has proven to effectively deter customers from relying on single-use bags.

The current ban does not allow for a fee, which leads business owners to cover the expense of single-use bags by increasing the cost of all goods and raising consumer costs.

Please contact City Council and let them know that you want them to make these changes to help keep our streets, parks, and waterways cleaner.

Do your part today and ask City Council to support this legislation.

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