Nature’s Hidden Surprises: Resources for Recognizing Bird Calls

We were so sad that we had to cancel our May Nature’s Hidden Surprises, Recognizing Bird Calls. Vary developed this blog with some wonderful resources for you to learn how to be a bird call expert on your own! 

Bird calls can be very difficult to recognize. These websites provide resources to help you understand more about the bird calls and how to differentiate among them.

All About Bird Song, from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, shows different tabs so you can choose one of the birds and listen to the different pitches.

This part of the website is a great way to understand and see how birds call differently. Pitch and time are used to differentiate bird calls.


To understand this better, the next section shares a video that demonstrates how to read and see a spectrogram of a bird call. The brighter the color of the pitch, the louder it is. You can actually see the bird call!

The amazing Cornell Lab also provides you a lot of information about birds, bird feeders, articles, and videos on identifying birds. There’s even something fun after you learn the gist of bird calls: a game for listening to the bird call and trying to match it to one of the options provided. I played the game and did pretty well!

If you are looking to understand and are interested in birds, check out this resource! Then please share your bird sounds and sightings from Tacony Creek Park or anywhere else in our watershed on our Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

Our next Nature’s Hidden Surprises will be held online on Wednesday, June 24 from 10:30 am to 12 pm.  Please join us to learn about Protecting Our Watershed!

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