Tacony Creek Restoration: Improving Water Quality and Quality of Life

When the Philadelphia Water Department undertook a restoration project aimed at improving the health of Tacony Creek, they enlisted private, non-profit, and City partners to ensure the effort created a ripple effect. The result was a rebirth of sorts: instead of an abused, frightening dumping ground, Tacony Creek Park is now a beautiful, peaceful place that is being appreciated and cared for by surrounding neighborhoods. It’s a win-win in more ways than one.

“The zipcode where this trail is has seen some of the biggest declines in socio-economic and health data in the Philadelphia area,” says Joe Pyle, President of the Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation, whose Friends Hospital property lies within the park. “This trail, this neighborhood need each other. The community needs the green space. And the green space needs the community…”

Watch this video and get more info about how you can protect the health of our water on StormwaterPA.orgstormwaterpa.org/tacony-creek-restoration-improving-water-quality-and-quality-of-life.html

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