Walk with Me Leader

Thomas McHale

Thomas has spent most of his life surrounded by the Tacony Creek Park and his family have spent three decades living in a unique historic home next to the Tacony Creek’s banks, near the Olney Avenue gateway. Thomas is a proud graduate of Central High School, and is continuing his education at Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication, where he is working toward his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies, with a focus on Policy, Regulation, and Advocacy. Tom has long loved the park’s paths and trails, and can often be seen walking his dog, Powder, along the creek. Tom and his wife, Savannah, actually held their marriage ceremony in the woods behind their home, in the Tacony Creek Park, back in the autumn of 2016!

Fun fact – in addition to advocating for healthy parks and working with animals, Tom and Savannah are also musicians who met over their shared appreciation for music while living as next door neighbors in their former Center City apartment building; they still love to make and share music together today!

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