Meet Spring Intern Mia Murray!

Julie Slavet
Jun 2, 2015

By TTF Intern Mia Murray

Hello, my name is Mia Murray, and I am a new intern here at TTF. I started in the middle of May, and it’s been very informational and intriguing.

I have other interests such as listening to music, walking, bike riding, learning about a new topic and cooking. I am extremely curious about everything. Gaining knowledge has become a new liking of mine. I love to read up on literature — my favorite is Greek Mythology. I’m hoping to take a course when I attend college next year. This summer I will be taking part in Community College’s summer program for high school students. When I complete high school I want to go into Physical and massage therapy, and one day own my own spa/ rehabilitation center.IMG_1373


I attend El Centro de Estudiantes — as part of their school program I needed to obtain an internship. While looking for potential opportunities, I came across the TTF website. TTF is committed to educating and engaging local communities in keeping the watershed healthy by organizing social events that appeal to its communities. I had previous knowledge of watersheds from an environmental science course I took, so I immediately was drawn to this organization. I’ve always had a fascination with the environment and all of its beauty and diversity. There are so many wonderful hidden wonders just waiting to be discovered.



I set up an informational interview with Robin Irizarry, the Philadelphia Watershed Coordinator and Julie Slavet, the Executive Director who further enlightened me on their practices. I found their work to be most exciting. One program that really caught my eye was the bird watching event that took place in April! I reviewed a booklet describing various birds that would be seen and information on Tacony Creek Park. TTF has a special focus on restoring the park to its natural state. I saw how involved this organization is with its communities. I thought it was cool that the events are different but send a positive message about the watershed. So, I said: “When can I start?”

Watch for Mia’s next blog here! Look here for information about interning with TTF.

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