Summer Interns Bring Zip to TTF: Welcome Dana & Kieran!

Julie Slavet
Jun 12, 2015

We really count on our interns to help us get our important watershed improvement done! We are delighted to host Dana and Kieran this summer.

Dana Kluchinski

Hi! I’m Dana Kluchinski and I am a new intern at TTF.  I am entering my senior year at Ursinus College as a biology and environmental studies dual major. I have experience in freshwater biology research using macroinvertebrates as water quality indicators.

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I love TTF because the organization does a wonderful job involving the public with restoration projects such as buffers, clean ups, and rain gardens, as well as education and activities. Helping people to enjoy and love their parks is important to keeping the streams healthy!

I also enjoy bird watching, playing the piano, hiking, sailing, traveling, and going to music shows in Philly. When I graduate from Ursinus College, I hope to get a job in field research, then continue my education.

While at TTF I hope to learn as much as I can about the organization, and I hope to help make some of the scientific water quality data more accessible to citizens.

I’m very excited to be an intern!

Kieran Avis

Hello, my name is Kieran Avis, and I am the newest intern here. I am looking forward to spending the near future with TTF and helping in whatever way I can.  Some of my goals for my time with TTF are to: 1) educate myself about the history of TTF and the watershed; 2) participate in as many TTF events as I can; 3) get to know the TTF staff; and 4) show up every day with an open mind and ready to learn.


I have always had an innate interest in the environment.  My interest in watershed management stems from working as a Watershed Coordinator with the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM) while an undergraduate at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. While at ALLARM I gained valuable insight into the world of community engagement and aquatic protection and restoration. I was primarily involved with the storm water team at ALLARM, with experiences ranging from rain barrel workshops, storm drain markings, planting trees as a buffer at the LeTort Spring Run, and much more.

I graduated in the spring of 2014. After some time for reflection, I decided I wanted to get involved with an environmental cause that directly interested me. This turned out to be watershed engagement, education, and restoration. With a simple Google search, I stumbled upon TTF and decided immediately I wanted to become involved. My other interests include trail running, listening to music, traveling, and various volunteer work.

Interested in interning with TTF? Learn more here.

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