Meet TTF Intern Jack Rosen!

Julie Slavet
Aug 9, 2016

By Jack Rosen, Temple University, environmental studies major

TTF intern Jack RosenHi, I’m Jack Rosen. I’m a junior environmental studies major at Temple University, and this summer I started interning at TTF.

These days we are hearing about many national and worldwide issues regarding things like social justice, politics, popular culture, and the economy. In my opinion, there may be no issue more crucial than the degradation of our environment. After all, we live in it, and our basic physiological health depends on it.

Most people have a stage in their early childhood when they’re especially interested in animals. My connection with wildlife and nature has remained to this day. This is why I decided to study the environment, and one of my first hands-on ways of helping improve it was becoming a TTF intern. As of recently, typical duties I’ve had involve helping out at TTF events such as the Watershed Milestones Awards Ceremony & Reception in May and the annual Tacony Creek Park block parties in June, and then writing about my experiences.

Jack Rosen at the TTF table at one of our block parties in 2016.

We have a community problem with polluted stormwater runoff, and TTF is a good source of information for people about how they can alleviate this problem, such as how to install and use rain barrels. One of the most important things an organization like TTF can do is teach people basic information about how our environment works, and that’s why I’m really glad to be participating in TTF’s efforts.

I have plenty of interests other than the environment. I love all kinds of music, I’m an avid singer and actor, I’m a huge film buff, I’m a staunch advocate for the rights of minorities, and I love spending time with friends and my dog and cat.

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