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Feb 3, 2021


As I wrap up my three-month internship, I wanted to take the time to reflect on the growth I have undergone while working with TTF. Back in October, I was presented with the opportunity to intern while at a cleanup in Tacony Creek Park. I was hesitant at first because of the long distance between my home and the office. However, the staff was able to adjust to that and offered me the chance to work online from home.

One of the first things I learned while was that talking to people over the phone was not my strong suit! The first time I was asked to make calls, I was given a list of about 20 people to reach out to. It took me over 3 ½ hours to get through the list because my anxiety of speaking to strangers kept getting in the way. However, as I was asked to do it more and more often, I found myself becoming increasingly comfortable, and even having genuinely nice conversations with those who picked up. By the end of my internship, I was able to confidently speak with others over the phone. Even though this may not seem like a huge deal, it was an issue I had struggled with for a long time and was able to build up the confidence to overcome it during my time here.

In addition, I also quickly learned that there are many small tasks that constantly must be done to keep an organization like TTF running. Many of these involve data entry and double checking that the data entered is correct. The days I was tasked with this were not the most enjoyable, but they gave me a great appreciation for all of the hard work that everyone puts in that allows TTF to continue to operate and grow.

This appreciation now extends to all organizations like this one, as I now understand all the background work that goes on.

Lastly, while writing my Winter Wonderland blog series, I was able to connect with the local community while learning in the process. The goal of the series was to encourage people in the Philadelphia region to get out and explore parks while showing them what they may be able to see or do there. In the writing process, I had the pleasure of speaking with a few local nature enthusiasts that provided me with loads of information that I had never heard before.

Despite living the Philadelphia area my entire life, I had no idea that Snowy Owls are sometimes able to be seen during the winter here! This series was the highlight of my internship and I hope it was able to inspire just a few people to adventure into the parks of the region.

I just want to thank everyone that helped me learn and expand my boundaries during these past three months! TTF is truly a great organization that is extremely valuable to the surrounding communities. I am grateful for the experience I gained while working here and hope to continue to be connected with everyone in the organization in the future!

We are so pleased that Dante’s internship was of value. We welcome interns and are committed to making sure that their experience with us is supportive and educational.

Learn more about internships with TTF here.

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