Intern Update from Le’ah McCray, Arcadia student

Julie Slavet
Mar 21, 2016

TTF intern Le'ahHello, I’m Le’ah, a TTF intern that joined the team in the fall of 2015. You can find my introductory blog post here. Since I’ve joined TTF I’ve learned so much about the functioning of a small environmental non-profit and the importance of community engagement. Currently I am tasked with managing the intake and processing of donations from individual contributors, businesses, institutions, and the like. Additionally I make sure that all of these donors are thanked by mail for their generous contributions. I occasionally also assist the team on the weekends with programs such as bird walks or at community events.

As of late, I’ve been helping to manage our new Partner Alliance program. This is a program that creates a partnership between TTF and businesses, organizations, and institutions. It is a networking and advertisement opportunity for businesses, which in exchange help TTF through generous donations.

Additionally, TTF is readying for our 5th annual Watershed Milestones Ceremony & Reception. I have begun to help out with that, emailing and coordinating potential sponsors.

I like interning at TTF because I feel as though the work I’m doing is valued. I am not a “gofer.” Additionally, even though I knew little to nothing about watersheds before joining TTF, they still welcomed me in and made use of the skills that I already had. They made sure that I was enjoying the jobs that I was tasked with, and that the work that I was doing was productive. I am really learning a lot through my position here, and I look forward to the coming months with TTF.

Learn more about interning with TTF.

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